Alex Benac participates in a NOH8 photo shoot.

Alex Benac participates in a NOH8 photo shoot, February 27th, 2012.




You know that phenomenon where you’re sitting alone after talking to someone, and all you can think about is what you should have said?

This is that phenomenon… taken to an extreme.

I’m one of those unbearable people who would rather remain silent during a serious conversation and dwell on ‘what if’ for the next seven months than speak up, and speak loudly.

My name is Alex BenacI’m a second year media theory and television student studying at the University of Western Ontario and Fanshawe College, both of which are in London, Ontario.

Adele, coming-of-age stories, turkey sandwiches, and short films are the loves of my life.

I’m a pop culture hack, a wannabe writer without the patience to finish so much as a single work, a Top 40 fanatic, a Pablo Neruda fan, an unabashed liberal, an open book, a heart on a sleeve.

Who knows if anyone will ever read this. Honestly, I don’t care if anyone does. But the one benefit about writing things and then putting them where someone might see them, regardless of whether or not anyone actually does, is this:

If the universe knows you want something, it will conspire with you to make sure that you have it.

I’ll just be putting things out there in the hopes that, somewhere, my watchful, celestial conspirators will take note and begin scheming.

So, judge away, and may the odds be ever in your favour.


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